Data Recovery


In today’s Information Age, corrupt, inaccessible, or lost data is often crippling to both businesses and individuals. Fortunately, The PC Room has the technology and experience to have your back!
Unfortunately, the failure of hard drives, RAID arrays, and other data storage devices is a fact of life. Un-delete files from accidentally erased, formatted, or virus infected drives with the best data recovery Ottawa has to offer.

Screen Replacement

Have a bruised, cracked or faded screen? We can help to get your screen back to new! Our tech department have replaced countless screens in laptops, tablets, phones, and more.
We’re able to repair, install, or replace the screen of your: Laptop (Notebook, Netbook, MacBook); Tablet (iPad, iPad Air, Galaxy Tab); Smartphone; e-Reader; or, Portable Game System


Battery Replacement

If your laptop, smartphone, tablet, or other favourite gadget needs a new battery, we can help! The PC Room has one of the largest inventories of replacement batteries in downtown Ottawa.
Contact us with the make and model that you need a new battery for or browse our website: new batteries are being added here all the time. If you have an enclosed battery, such as in many Apple products (MacBooks, iPads, iPhones), let our experienced staff install the battery for you.


Virus Removal

Computer security effects us all. And, even though we often feel prepared (or fortunate), everyone must fend-off viruses, adware, and spyware.
If your computer is exhibiting signs of an infection (unexpected sluggishness, files going missing, ads taking over your web browser, or other odd behaviour), you may have a virus. Contact us right away to stop it in its’ tracks, undo the damage, and defend your computer against future issues.


Liquid Damage

It happens to the best of us: you go to reach for something and you accidentally smack your drink, flower vase, or fishbowl into the air and onto your PC.
We’re well-versed in helping people to recover their laptops that are full of red wine, hard drives that’ve been dropped into soup, or even worse: we can try to repair the circuitry, disks, keyboards, and any other components effected by liquid damage.


Graphics/GPU Repairs

Today’s computers, tablets, and phones require a lot from their hardware to create the high definition world we live in. Sometimes, your graphics hardware will need our love and attention.
If you have a PC or portable gaming system that’s having graphics issues (video playback isn’t working, crashes when you try to do something graphics-heavy) or have a fried primary or discrete GPU, contact us to discuss fixes (including replacements, re-soldering, re-balling, and re-flowing).




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As the #1 independent Ottawa computer repair services provider, we know that the longevity of your computer depends on the way it’s maintained over its’ lifetime.

If your PC is due for a tune-up or clean-up, check this out and give us a shout.

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Looking to supe-up your laptop or desktop computer? Connect with us and bring it out way!

If you’re in need of more memory (RAM), a bigger hard drive (HDD), or want to switch to a solid state disk (SDD) drive, we can help!

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[tab title=”Extended Warranties”]
The PC Room now offers after-sale warranties on your favourite brands of refurbsihed laptops and desktop computers.

They provide our customers with added piece of mind should anything every happen to the parts and hardware in their PC.

(We offer a free 90 day warranty on all refurbished computers, excluding liquidation items, and Extended Warranties on most purchases).

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