All electronics need regular care and attention, cleaning, and optimizing in order to uphold that experience and to help ensure that they have a long, productive, and valuable life; The PC Room has been a trusted partner for our customers for almost fifteen years, ensuring their computers are maintained and functioning as best as they can be.

PC maintenance

Your computer requires regular maintenance in order for it to optimize its performance.


Popular Maintenance Services


Our technicians offer the best computer repair in Ottawa. We will test your laptop or desktop PC for any abnormalities, issues with your software and drivers, and inspect all of your hardware. Often, aspects of your computer that you wouldn’t consider to cause a hinderance can be the exact bottle-neck slowing you down: fragmented files, an incorrect setting on your processor, an incorrect driver or the like can cut your computer’s performance down greatly.

Our experience, resources, and inspection of your PC will allow us to tweak, improve, add or remove components that are slowing-down your computer or presenting future risks to its’ health.



Laptops, desktops, workstations, and even servers have one main maintenance issue in common: they all need to be kept as clean as possible inside and out in order to optimize their performance and lifespan.

Regularly bring in your PC to The PC Room to have a technician clean your computer inside and out: we’ll check connections, remove dust, clean surfaces, and get your PC looking and running as cleanly as possible.



Today’s computers rely on a harmonious accord between hardware and software: and, with increasing and widespread security concerns that we all face, it’s never been more important than now to ensure that your computer has the latest drivers, security updates, patches, and other vital software that’s supplementary to your operating system.

Many of our customers enjoy the peace of mind of bringing us their computer to tackle this legwork properly every few months or whenever their chosen operating system (Windows, Mac OS X) has released a major update or improvement.



While we strive every day to remove viruses, adware, malware, spyware and the like from our customers’ computers, we always come back to the old saying that “the best defence is a strong offence”.

We can consult you on our recommendations for your antivirus, malware protection, firewall, phishing protection and the like and set everything up for you (while scheduling regular updates so that you’re protected against the latest threats).



If you have a printer, scanner, webcam, or other PC device that you need a hand to install, setup, or get working properly, bring them in to us!

We have the experience and know-how to ensure that you have the proper drivers, software, and hardware needed to use any additional peripherals, hardwares, or accessories as effectively and efficiently as possible.



Crashes happen: hard drives contain moving parts that prone to wear and tear and, as a result, have a lifespan like anything else.

Regularly backing up your important files will help to mitigate the risk of losing your files due to hardware failures, software issues, or viruses. We can clone your drive, do a straight backup, or archive any or all of your files onto a separate drive or disk.


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