Ottawa Computer Repairs

Repairs: Computers, Tablets and Phones

Our full-service Ottawa computer repairs can get virtually any computer back to its original glory. Our most popular repair services include: laptop, smartphone, and tablet screen repairs and replacements; data recovery; and, graphics cards/chips (GPU) fixes for desktops, laptops, MacBooks, and gaming consoles.
Ottawa Computer Maintenance Services

Maintenance: On-Going Support Solutions

Taking care of your electronics is an on-going effort for everyone. Parts fail, discs get corrupted, and dust will collect inside your favourite device. Many customers regularly call-on The PC Room to help maintain and optimize their computers for over ten years.
Ottawa Computer Extended Warranty

Extended Warranties: Some PC Peace of Mind

The PC Room is pleased to introduce Extended Warranties to help our customers ensure that their desktop, laptop, or tablet is always functioning to the best of its’ ability. Computers and tablets bought at The PC Room or any other store can now carry peace of mind and protection of our warranty.
Technical Support

Technical Support: Fast & Friendly Help

At some point, we all gut stuck with a problem with our technology: a driver goes missing making a printer stop working; a monitor loses its settings; or, we’re just not sure where to click in a piece of software. The best solution? Give us a call at 613-907-ROOM!
Web Solutions

Web Solutions: Creating Your Digital World

The techs at The PC Room are well-versed in creating the digital properties many of our clients need: web development; web hosting and web domain registration; cloud storage and syncing solutions; and, mobile development for iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Android devices.
Computer Recycling in Ottawa

Computer Recycling: The Responsible Choice

Unfortunately, sometimes our favourite electronics reach the end of their lives. And, disposing them in the trash is not environmentally friendly. When repairs are cost-prohibitive or it’s time to start with a clean slate, please drop-off your e-Waste with us or arrange a free, local pick-up.


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